Theme FAQ

Frequently asked questions about this theme.


I have my own logo. Can I use it?
Yes! You just need to upload it. We’ve provided instructions on how to add in your own logo in the theme installation guide.

Can I change the colors?

Yes! You can customize the colors of this theme in just a couple quick clicks! See the bottom of this page for a screenshot of what the color changer looks like.

Can I change the fonts?

Yes! We’re happy to announce you can customize the fonts for the theme in just a couple clicks as well, similar to how you can change the colors. No coding required!

I have a site. Will this work?
No, in order to use any of our themes, you need to have a self-hosted website with WordPress installed on it. Not sure which you have? Read our blog post to find out! Want to start a self-hosted WordPress site? We’ve got your how-to guide here!




Where is the installation guide?

The installation/set-up guide is located on our website right here

How long does installation and set-up take?

The basic installation is super fast! Setting it up takes a little bit longer, since there are many elements to configure. If you have your content ready (images + text) and you’re relatively tech savvy, you can probably power through the set-up process in an afternoon. But…everyone works at different paces!

Is installation and set-up easy?
What’s easy for one person may be very difficult for another. Please take a look at the installation guide located above, which thoroughly outlines the set-up process. If you are completely unfamiliar with WordPress and/or don’t have the ability to pay attention to detail, you may find installation difficult. Please note that the special about page and services page template require navigating your way around a little bit of HTML code. We’ve laid out everything for you in the installation guide. Also, there is over a half hour’s worth of video tutorials (in addition to the text instructions) if you should need them.

Can you install it for me?
Yes! If you do not wish to install the theme on your own, please contact us about purchasing an installation add-on.




I need this theme to have eCommerce capabilities.
Cool! We’ve got you covered! This theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce, WordPress’s premiere ecommerce plugin, so you can rest assured that the look of the shop will match the rest of your site.

I don’t need this theme to have eCommerce capabilities.
Also cool! The shop is totally optional so if you don’t need it, just don’t install WooCommerce!



Can I have a [insert widget here] widget?
Absolutely! The homepage is made up of several widget-ready areas, along with the sidebar, footer widgets, and so on. You can add in whatever content you want. We’ve just set the theme up with certain widgets as a guide.



The color customizer looks like this:


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