• Additional USB$100Your wedding images in High & Low Res on USB, gift packaged and sent to the address of your choice within Canada 
  • Add an engagement session$100Normally a $300 value, I allow clients to add an engagement session at a huge discount so we can get to work together before your wedding day! 
  • Rush Preview$250Get 100 images from your wedding day edited and sent to you by download link and mobile friendly link that can added as an app to your devices. Very shareable for your family & freinds 
  • Additional Shooting Hours$250Additional Hours can be added to your wedding day at $250/hr 

Need to download or print a copy of my package info? Just click on the package list !


How much is the retainer and when is it due? 

Retainer fee is $600.00 and is due ASAP upon signing your contract to hold your wedding date. No dates can be held without a signed contract and retainer. Often more than one couple is looking at the same date! Don’t snooze and lose!

How long in advance should we book? 

As soon as your date is firm and your venue is secured you should book. My couples book anywhere from 24 to 9 months in advance. There’s really no such thing as too early. I’m normally 90% booked by December for the following year.

What if we have no idea what our day will look like and we don’t know what package to book?

If you know you want to book me but you’re lost but worried you’re going to lose your day simply book the minimum you will require. For most couples that will be All-Day Digital. From there if you wish you can always add to your package!

Will you travel for my wedding?

I travel very frequently for weddings! Weddings that end after dark over 100 km away from Fredericton will be charged a $150 hotel & .50/km travel fee. Weddings over 50 km but under 100 km will simply be charged mileage.

How many images do you deliver?

This can vary quite a bit in a wedding day. With black & white edits ncluded my normal amount of photos for an average day is 700-900. Many factors can influence this. Did you have a lot of activities? Are your guests very engaged The more that happens at your wedding, the more I have to shoot!

Do you take formal family photos? I don’t see any on your blog!

I certainly do! So many family photos get taken that it isn’t practical to post them all in a blog post and I’ve learned you can’t pick and choose which ones you show! That hurts feelings! And I don’t like angry emails from Nanas!

Will all the images we receive be edited?

Yes. All delivered images are edited for exposure, white balance and are styled in my known style.

Are you insured?

Yes! I’m insured for gear, professional liability and errors and omissions.

How long have you been a wedding photographer and how many weddings have you shot? 

2018 will be my 11th wedding season and will see me shooting my 200 wedding! That’s a lot of weddings!! And yes, I remember every couple!

Is this your full-time job? 

Yes! I’m super-happy to say that I have been a full-time wedding photographer since 2003. It’s a highly competitive market with few full-timers so I’m very happy and grateful my couples have allowed me to make this my career!

How long does it take to get my images back? 

My contract states 8-10 weeks but I strive to get images to clients in 4-6 weeks. That doesn’t always happen but it’s great when it does!  Why does it take so long? Well, on a good day between shooting, answering emails and all the other things that go along with running a business I’m lucky if I get to spend more than 2 hours editing! Multiply that by 20 weddings and you get the drift! I don’t choose to rush to edit images. I’d rather take my time and produce images that make me proud and will make you happy for years to come!

When are payments due?

Your retainer is due ASAP upon signing your contract. I then split the remainder of your fee btween two payments 5 months then one month before your wedding. Many clients prefer to make numerous smaller payments and I don’t mind that at all so long as the totals are equal or more than your benchmark payments!