Pinterest: The Do’s and Don’ts of how to get the most out of it!

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I read it somewhere and it always stuck with me: Pinterest should be an inspiration board, not an order form.

When it comes to using Pinterest to help plan your wedding it has amazing potential. You can pin decor, cakes, invites…the list goes on and on! One of the most useful things you can do with Pinterest is to help bring together the vision for your photography! How you use Pinterest can depend on your vision of the day, your personality or how you like to plan. What seems common is that once you have a Pinterest Board for your wedding photography clients don’t know what to do with it. I think with proper communication and realistic expectations it can help a photographer and a client feel great that they are on the same page and everyone is going to feel like they got the core shots they need. So without further rambling, here are my tips on what to do and what not to do with Pinterest. Keep in mind that all photographers are different and I assume that if you are reading this you are either my client, enjoy my style of photography or hope to be my client one day. Yay!

So here we go!

  1. Do: Before you hire anyone it is useful to go through Pinterest and pin photos that you love. You can then get a feeling for the style of photographer you want before you hire them.

Don’t : Hire a photographer and then send them a Pinterest Board full of photos that you want them to copy but that are not their style. It’s a misconception that any photographer can or would want to shoot in a different style. This is just making misery for you both! Hire the photographer who is already doing what you want.


      2. Do: Pin photos of particular poses that you would like included in your posed photos. These are a helpful reference for your photographer not only of the level of intimacy, humour or movement you’d like in your images. Pick your favourite 5-10 to make the list manageable.

Don’t: Hand your photographer 50 images you’d like exactly copied. For so many reasons. You are different people with different bodies, outfits, venue, etc. Keep in mind also that most of the images you’re pinning are not from real weddings. Many are workshops or styled shoots that star professional models who have hours to do these shots. On a normal wedding day I get about 30-45 minutes and can get you a lot more images if I’m shooting in a flow style. Your photo time moves fast so using base inspiration but shooting with the best of the lighting, location and mood we have gets you the best photos. Your “version” of your Pin will take in to account everything that is different about you as a couple and your wedding day and reflect you and your photographer.


     3.Do: Pin anything similar to anything you’re doing that might be a surprise or out of the ordinary. Bubble exit, fireworks, special memorials etc.

Don’t: Try to force candid moments. I often get images pinned that are candid and spontaneous moments. Those are the things that just happen and yours will be unique to your wedding. I get it! You look at a gorgeous moment between a Dad and Bride and you want that but you can’t manufacture a real moment. Set the stage with an event like a Dad-Bride first look but don’t go in to it with expectations. Especially anything that involves kids or pets. Be prepared for those to go sideways like life always does and embrace the perfectly imperfect!!

      4.Do: If it’s in your personality type use Pinterest for planning then just erase it.

Don’t: There’s no don’t here haha. If you want a day that is fully spontaneous and want me to just do my thing then just let it go. 90% of my clients never even show me or mention their Pinterest Boards.

      5.Do: Be realistic

Don’t: Be unrealistic haha. Your photographer (hopefully me) wants to get you the images you want and wants to blow you away. If you hand me a picture on a rolling hill in Tuscany I will try my best to get you a photo in that exact spirit even if we’re beside a parking lot on Woodstock Road. Know that every time we see a photo that we just can’t get you it breaks our heart a little! I want my couples to get everything they want while still giving me the space to create something unique and special for them.


So…if I could have my way how would I like to use Pinterest with a couple ( if they choose to use it at all)

  1. Add me to your board as a collaborator.
  2. Give me your 5-10 must have images that are during the posed photo portion of your day,couples, wedding party etc.
  3. Let me know of any special events that I can be prepared for like first looks, memorials, special dances etc.
  4. Let your family or wedding party know if there is anything special they need to do or any materials they need to bring

Relax and have your day knowing we’re on the same page and all going to have fun getting your posed photos but leave enough time and peace of mind to enjoy the candid moments of your day.

Any advice you would give couples planning for their day? Leave it in my comments!

Weddings 2023 is coming quicker than you think!

Cheers, Julie




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