Rachel & Brandon – UNB Wedding

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My name is Julie Whitlock and I’m a blog slacker.

There. I said it. Well…not really. For the last two years I’ve seriously slacked off of blogging but not from laziness. For so many different reasons. Busyness…tiredness…all of the above? Sometimes I tell myself the pictures are all I really need, they do the talking for me. Sometimes I think the most interesting parts of a wedding day are private ones, that they involve information or events that I want to keep private for my clients. Then sometimes I realize that I just felt like I didn’t have the ability. Week after week I tell you how amazing my clients are and how fabulous their days were. It’s true, they are. But it seems repetitive. Week after week the same words. The same descriptions. Blah, blah, blah. My couples were worth more than that. So I just stopped.

I’d start the season with great plans of blogging and I would. Until it got really busy. Until it was a choice between getting a blog post up or getting editing done. The last three years I’ve blogged the first half of my year and then slowly it just trickles off. I tell myself I’ll “save then for winter”. Things get slower and you need some fun new work to show. But the last three years the same thing happens. Fair warning. My Winter/Springs have not been a blast the last three years. We seem to roll through Christmas just fine and then it hits. Health scare, unexpected deaths… this past year we got both. It’s no more than anyone lives through but it takes your focus away. I have so many projects and improvements I plan on the off-season but suddenly caring for your family needs to take the forefront and those blog posts sit on the proverbial shelf.

So here we are. 2019. I was sitting on my deck yesterday planning the rest of my week and I was looking through these images. Rachel and Brandon are seriously the best. The most joyous, the funnest ( still a word) couple you’d want to meet. They deserved more than just pictures and a list of vendors. You all do. So I’m going to try harder. I hope the universe helps me out with being a little kinder this year. So here we go.

Here’s to you ya bunch of Blue Jay loving, best lady having, always laughing, throw that head back bunch of kids. Thanks to Chantilly Lace Events for always taking care of me and my couples and having our backs. Thanks for reminding me that my job can be much funner ( still a word) and that I still have a voice. There’s literally a ton of 2019 left to blog and I promise to get them all in there this year. Cheers!

Decor and Co:ordination: Chantilly Lace Events
Venue: Stu Courtyard & Wu Conference Centre

fredericton wedding photographer

fredericton wedding photographer


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