Every couple struggles with building a timeline! You’re not alone! Here’s a few tips to get you going!!

Find out when your hair and makeup start and stop times are. Make sure they are realistic. It always takes a little more time.

Allow at least 30 minutes for guys getting ready and 60-90 for girls. Yes, it’s really that different. Girls have way more things, degrees of difficulty and bling!

Know when your ceremony begins!

Allow 30 mins for family, 30 for wedding party and 30-60 for couple photos!

Know when you want to start your reception!

Are we doing a first look? If so, make sure to give yourself wiggle room with getting ready. If you run late your portrait time will be obliterated!

Don’t forget time for me to shoot your decor. I need 15-20 minutes

Don’t forget to add travel times between locations!

Don’t schedule speeches while you are eating. Between courses or after meals is great. Otherwise all your crowd/couple reaction shots will be laughing with open and chewing mouths. Ew!

Dinner normally take 90 or so minutes. Find out from your venue/caterer how long they need.

Schedule 15 minutes later in the evening ( often while the room is being turned over or just before/after first dances) to go outside and get some shots in the better lighting. You’ll not regret it. It’s a nice break from all the people too.

If you have stumbling blocks don’t hesitate to contact me! I can tweak a timeline in my sleep. Make sure I see a tentative timeline as soon as you have it. I can often improve/fix issues but not if I don’t see it!

Sample timeline-
12:00 Julie shoots girls details/ makeup touch ups in room
12:30 Julie goes to guys (or other bride, our timelines are inclusive y’all)
1:15 Julie returns to shoot girls getting ready/bride in dress
3:00 Ceremony
3:30 Family Photos
4:00 Wedding Party Photos
4:30 Couple Photos
5:30 Julie shoots decor
6:00 Guests enter room/reception begins
7:45 Speeches
8:30 First Dances/cake cutting
9:00 Sunset Portrait Session
10: Coverage ends…hugs for all