I’m here for my clients! If you’ve ever messaged me and got an instant answer at 2 am you know I’m not kidding! Weddings are 24/7 for me! Most people have never had wedding or booked a wedding photographer! Here’s a little behind the scenes of the process!!

My booking is easy & convenient. My booking, payments & contracts can all be done online. Most of my clients have already met me, been at a wedding I’ve shot or just know me by reputation and just want to lock their date down ASAP. From start to finish I’ve booked weddings for my clients in under an hour! Love it!!

Now that you’re all booked we’ll get you set up with your engagement session or a meeting at your convenience if we haven’t met already. If you need referrals to other vendors or tips or insight I’m ready to help! I start my engagement sessions with a coffee or a beer, at your house or your favourite spot. I like to walk clients through tips and some example photos before we start to shoot. It makes things less awkward and we hit the ground running!

I get my clients organized with client portals, my client site, emailed tips and questionnaires that help me get to know you and get us organized! We’ll build your timeline, get your family photos all listed and organized and running smooth.

On your wedding day I keep us on schedule and organized with lists, schedules and a checklist of image looks we’ve completed! We work it all on prep so we can have an organized, relaxed day with the comfort of a framework in place. You’ll have a timeline and game plan you can share with your family and friends so everyone is on the same page and no one is freaking out!!

After your wedding is over you’ll be getting sneak peeks as soon as I get you all backed up on my many drives. You get backed up in three places locally and two online! Safety first! Sneak peeks come first, then your blog preview! Finally you’ll get your images online in a shareable gallery and then you’ll be sent your images on a back up USB. My USB comes beautifully packaged and there’s always a fun surprise or two in there!!

Albums, prints, canvas wraps, additional USB? Whatever you need…I’m here for you! Whether you get that stuff done like a keener or take a bit, I’m cool!