About julie


My name is Julie Whitlock and I’m a wedding junkie! There’s no two ways about it! I love big weddings, small weddings, backyard weddings, seaside weddings… I love them all! I love authentic moments & finely crafted details. I love well-rounded wedding days that tell your story but carry my style! I interpret weddings for a living! Your wedding photography is your first piece of family history! It’s what you’ll show your children, your nieces and nephews, your grandchildren. It’s the images of Nanna & Grampy that someday someone will say ” Wow! Weren’t they so gorgeous and young!” 

Our Story

About a month after my wedding I started to get the dreaded  "wedding withdrwawl". I was already a trained photographer. I took three years of education at NBCCD and graduated with Honours from the Photography program but no type of photography was really exciting me! It was 2006 and wedding photography was a snore! Not to shock you but... we were a bit behind the times in NB! Photographers were still ultra-posing couples, fanning out the dress as big as can be and plopping flower baskets on the outside of the dress like someone was afraid the bride would blow away! Luckily 2006 was the beginning of digital photography and soon the exposion of storytelling wedding photography was on! 

Fast forward two years and I finally made the leap! In 2008 I shot my first season of weddings! I had a five year plan to keep working full-time and gradually grow my business until I could be a full-time wedding photographer. That lasted until the Fall of 2009 when business was doing great and I turned in my day job to be my own boss! 11 wedding seasons later here I am! Over 200 weddings later, ably assisted by the best husband you could ask for, I love every single wedding I shoot! I can count on one hand ( and maybe half a foot) the number of couples I've lost track of. This is my wedding photography story. Now come on and let me tell yours! 

My Favorites

• Relaxed & Authentic Moments
• All White rooms with Pops of Colour
• Donut Bars
• Greenery & Geometric Accents
• Metallics
• Paper Goods Galore
• Soft & Tumbling Hair & Floral Crowns
• Jewel Tones
• Bridesmaid Dresses that "go" but don't match
• Typographic prints and Handwritten Fonts

My Philosophy You'll spend more time on your wedding day with your photographer than you will with your spouse. Wow! My feeling is that your wedding photographer should act as a guide on your day. I'm there to keep you from going off in to the weeds... too much. It's my job to lend you not only my years of expertise before your wedding but on your wedding day. I know where we can streamline things to get us back that 30 minutes we lost when your dog ate a bouquet. I know how we can fix that dress your bridemaid just spilled on. I know when to help you out and when to step back and let your day unfold. I'm here to laugh with you and yup...cry with you. I'm here to run interference when your crazy aunt just won't let you go eat. And above all, I'm here to capture it all and make you look amazing. Let the candids be candid, make the portraits natural, relaxed and authentic!
That's my wedding philosophy!
The Experience I love weddings and I'm pretty keen on my clients. I'm available pretty much 24/7 to them and there's not an aspect of wedding planning I don't enjoy! I love helping clients plan! From timelines to helping you find vendors, I'm your girl! I'm also good for a rant if you need one ! Haha! Humour is a must!

My clients have access to their info through client portals and I'm never more than a quick message away!

I'm with you every step of the way from our first inquiry to the moment those final images hit your hands...and beyond!

I love enhancing my client's wedding experience with gorgeous albums, portals and each year I have tons of fun making my client packages gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of amazing packaging!

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