1. When are my payments due?

Equal payments are due five and one month before your wedding. Your payment might vary if you have signed your contract very close to your wedding date. Your due dates are on your invoice on your client portal and you will receive email reminders.

2. Where should we seat you at the reception? Do we feed Steve too?

When seating me remember that I will be getting up and down quite a bit during your reception and don’t want to be a bother and distraction to your guests. A seat on the outside of the room is best. When possible I’d love not to eat last ( hello, speeches…) but don’t worry about feeding Steve. He’ll be at home or in a hotel room watching the Jays game and taking a break!

3. How much time should we allow for photos?

Family- 30 minutes
Wedding party- 20-30 minutes depending on size
Couple Photos- 45-60 minutes

Don’t forget to allow travel time between locations